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Joel Snow, Head Guide, HuntMasters Lodge

I operated over 30 PlotWatchers this year and was very satisfied.

1. Did not send 1 back with problems!!! That is unheard of today!
2. Battery life was incredible!!!  End of July through Oct - Nov for just about all of them.

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Ken Gable, Day 6 Customer

Hi Russ:

OK--I got the PlotWatcher Pro and put it out for just one day.  I placed my Bushnell trail camera on the same trail; one facing up the trail and the other facing down the trail.  They were placed about 40 yards apart facing each other.  I did this so I could see exactly how close any deer got to the trail camera.

After 24 hours, the trail camera had one picture of

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P.J. Perea, Senior Editor, Turkey Country Magazine

The PlotWatcher camera is an amazing tool for the hunter, land manager or wildlife watcher. You'll learn far more about your wildlife from watching the PlotWatcher's time-lapse video compared to the single shot photos or short video segments from standard game cameras.

Dan Beraldo, Associate Editor, Petersen's Bowhunting

The PlotWatcher does more than just capture images of animals. Thanks to time-lapse video I can now pinpoint the exact trails deer are using morning and night to enter and exit my food plots,without walking all over the woods and field edges looking for sign and spooking deer. This helps keep potential treestand sites fresh and not contaminated with odor and allows me to scout from a safer distance away.

The PlotWatcher Pro has multiple applications!

I’m not a hunter, but I have been using the Plotwatcher cameras for time-lapse
videos for many months and I am very pleased with the results. The engineering on the camera is superb and...

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