Customer Comments

Our customers have had great success using the PlotWatcher and PlotWatcher Pro. Take a look at some their comments.

Day6 for life!

Hey Day6!

I must say thank you for a great product, I have battled trail cams for 2 yrs. with only limited success. I now have 3 plot watchers - 2 pros and one older model. Love the features on the pro's. This year i harvested a big old tom. I had 5 birds coming in and out the field all day, so I KNEW if I sat tight it would happen and it did! I have recommended your plot watcher to everyone I know. The best thing for hunting since the bullet was invented. If anyone wants to buy a tub of trail cams, I have a pile of them! Thank you plot watcher!


Tony Brigman

Another happy customer!
Dear friends at PlotWatcher,

A couple of months ago Rich Millner helped me out with a bottom plate I needed to repair my PlotWatcher. I wanted to say thanks, and it's back in the field pounding out pics. He also threw in a nice sticker that is now on my Pathfinder! Well, I recently bought a Pro model, and I must say that I am blown away with how awesome it is. It's just flat out amazing !!! Battery life rocks too!

Many thanks,

Brad Cox

Nothing complicated. I commend you on a job well done.

I just got a PlotWatcher Pro for hunting purposes. I would like to compliment you for creating something so incredibly simple in concept that it's amazing nobody thought of it before (at least for hunting purposes). I engineer things for a living and anyone who does so knows it's harder to simplifying things than to make them complicated. The PlotWatcher simply takes a picture every few seconds and then you can compile it into a movie. There's no complicated motion sensors or heat sensors, or any of that complicated stuff that causes errors and frustration. And of course, since there's none of this stuff added in, it means you can conserve energy and allow for incredible battery life! Simple is always better, and even your software is just straightforward and easy to use. Nothing complicated. I commend you on a job well done.

As a hunter, I'm also interested in what goes one during the night so I can learn game habits. So my only request is that one of your future PlotWatcher versions includes night vision like other cameras out there. I'm sure this is something you guys probably have planned, but just putting it out there nonetheless. — Submitted by customer Justin Dame

Worth the price of the camera

This one was worth the price of the camera! — Submitted by customer David Payne

Buck came back

Buck came back but I wasn't there! The next day I had one of those monster Iowa bucks come blasting by at about 30 yds heading for a bunch of does. Probably, at least, 180 or 190 easy but I didn't have time to stop him. I took a shot at another buck about an hour and half later, but didn't hit him good enough to stop. — Submitted by customer Willis Cay