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Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro Boasts Remarkable Battery Life
With an almost unbelievable battery life, large field of view and a high-quality HD time-lapse video system, the Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro is easy to use and all you need for scouting.

The PlotWatcher Pro time-lapse video camera has 40 times more battery life than similar cameras on the market and can retain even more with an external power adapter. In fact, it can take up to 1,000,000 images and operate up to four months on one set of batteries.

The camera features easy-to-use, customizable run times so you can set the time of day to start and stop recording, as well as programmable skip times, when there might be a lull in activity. Need the camera to start recording on a specific day in the future? It will do that, too.

Some game cameras are triggered by short-range motion, but not the PlotWatcher Pro, it covers 20 times more area than traditional game cameras. Whether the animal is 30 feet or 330 feet away, this camera will catch them on video. With this greater field of view, you can rest assured that you're seeing everything you need to and can more easily pattern game.

The PlotWatcher Pro records HD video in 1280 x 720 resolution, and with the included GameFinder with MotionSearch Software, you can view a whole day of video in just 3 to 4 minutes. The 2.5-inch LCD screen makes setting up and aiming a breeze.

Stop guessing where to hunt. Get a PlotWatcher Pro HD Surveillance System and let it show you where to hunt. With its long battery life, high-quality HD video capability and ample field of view, it's the perfect hunting accessory you shouldn't live without.

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Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro Tru-Video and GameFinder Software
The Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro time-lapse video camera is a must-have hunting tool in itself, but with Tru-Video and GameFinder software with MotionSearch, it can't be beat. With advanced software and immediate time-lapse video capabilities, you can take your game scouting to the next level.

With the PlotWatcher Pro, you can record HD images for up to four months with eight AA batteries, and with a large field of view, the camera will capture everything you need it to. Need to look over a month's worth of images, but don't have a lot of time?

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Don’t Mistake the Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro for a Game Camera

Save your breath and refrain from calling the Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro just another trail camera. Save your time and money by investing in a product so technologically advanced there is little comparison to trail cameras known for short battery life and unclear pictures.

Among the PlotWatcher Pro's many great features, perhaps the one that separates it from all the rest is its dedicated time-lapse scouting and game surveillance technology.

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Put the PlotWatcher Pro to Work

Don’t just look forward to opening day all year long.  Start today making it one to remember for years to come by placing a Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro at your favorite food plots.   Successful hunters know that the photos and facts gathered throughout the year put them in the right place at the right time.  A little good luck never hurt anybody, but the technology of PlotWatcher Pro increases your chance of success exponentially.

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Day 6 Outdoors Sponsors Exciting TV Shows

For years the big question has been "Where do I hunt today?" Day 6 Outdoors has answered that question with the PlotWatcher Pro time-lapse video camera. Industry leaders have taken notice, including those who hunt on the Day 6-sponsored TV shows. Sportsmen featured on L.L.Bean Guide to the Outdoors, Hunt Masters, The Chase, North American Whitetail TV, Land of Whitetail TV (DDH) and Destinations of Whitetail TV (DDH) TV shows have learnd first-hand how a Day 6 PlotWatcher can improve a hunt.

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