About Day 6 Outdoors

We want to make your outdoor experience enjoyable and productive.

At Day 6 Outdoors, our foundational belief for life and business is that we are to be good stewards of all things our Creator has blessed us with, including this venture. Our name comes from our recognition and thankfulness for the creation of the land animals that we so enjoy and passionately pursue and that were created on the sixth day. It is our desire that our company name will serve to remind all of us to be constantly thankful to our Creator.

Our leadership team is made up of three avid hunters/outdoorsmen who, like most outdoorsmen, never seem to get to spend enough time in the woods. For those reasons, we try to develop products that will make the time we do have outdoors as enjoyable as possible. That requires that our products be designed and built to the highest standards of quality, function and value.

Our objective is to develop innovative products that address limitations of products currently available or remove boundaries to traditional ways of doing things. Again, we desire to make every minute of time you spend in the woods as enjoyable and productive as possible. We are committed to doing that in all that we offer.

We thank you for your interest in Day 6 Outdoors and we hope that our products will enable you to enjoy hunting and the great outdoors even more than you already do.